The Collective

feminism_small-003Equality Archive’s ongoing project is responsively built with Open Source technology and the principles of Fair Use. Each entry is composed by a feminist professor, artist, or activist and originally peer-reviewed by colleagues at the Feminist Press, now peer-reviewed by its own Collective of feminist specialists. This means that the content you find here is fact-checked and reliable.  We believe free and open access to knowledge is feminist praxis.  Our commitment to this praxis is published in Feminist Media Histories 3:3 (Summer 2017).

We believe collaboration is a feminist practice.  The scholarly content here belongs to all of us, and we created it in the tradition of feminist collectives.  Many thanks to the feminist scholars, writers, and artists who contributed their knowledge as entries to Equality Archive:   Ci Ci Adams, Sarah C. Bishop, Matt Brim, Jennifer Baumgartner, Inmaculada Lara Bonilla, Nakeisha Campbell, Jerry Chang, Sarah Chinn, Cynthia Chris, Elena Cohen, Melissa Coss Aquino, Payal Doctor, Simone Dunye, Lindsey Eckenroth, Rebecca Evans, Shelly Eversley, Elena Glasberg, Michelle Habell-Pallan, Rashida Harrison, Natalie Havlin, Laurie Hurson, Jim Hubbard, Adam Kocurek, Heather Love, Ann Matsuuchi, Jessica Mahmoud, Alanna McAuliffe, Amber Jamilla Musser, Mary Phillips, Sarah Schulman, Claire Shanley, Kara Van Cleaf, Anna Ward, Ashleigh Williams, and Mary Zaborskis.

The content created by Equality Archive contributors is licensed under Creative Commons.  Creative Commons licensing allows authors/creators to retain some rights to their work while also releasing the content to the public domain so that it can be shared and used by others. Additionally, Equality Archive grateful to the WordPress community and Reclaim Hosting for their dedication to and support of  open-source and educational projects.

Feminism is for everyone

Also, special thanks to the scholars and teachers at New York Metro American Studies Association’s Digital Cities Institute.

feminist scholarsAnd more thanks to the feminists and allies who contributed their skills and their generosity: Josh Appelbaum, Hany Awadalla, Ricardo Bairos, James Bartholomew, Lisa Blankenship, Greg Broom, Ru Bhatt, Ted Caine, German Carmona, Hall Carlough, Eileen Cope, Bridgett Davis, Dan Efram, Chris Fezzuoglio, Rachel Garlin, Barry and Sean Godfrey-Rieves, Christine Gordon, Mark Grundy, Heather Halliday, Eric Hartman, Wendy Heller, Aneeka Henderson, Patricia Herrera, Michael Kriak, Mark Levine, Tadeu Magalheas, Pablo McCabe, Donald Mengay, Kenyatta Monroe-Sinkler, Matthew Morris, Molly O’Connor, Fabio Parasecoli, Brian Paylago, Tiffany Pham, Kenneth Pietrobono, Robbie Prinzo, Tisha Pryor, Jeffrey Rosales, Jonathan Rosen, Yordak Salermo, Kelly Schwartz Keville, Thomas Smith, Laela Sturdy, Matthew Tague, and Michael Totaro.