National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum


Through great perseverance, commitment and volunteerism, National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) has sustained its energy and vitality. Its founding sisters, board, chapter leadership, members and staff are the many women and supporters who have given their time and energy (many without compensation) to build and sustain an organization that represents them, their ideals and the issues that touch them dearly. We are now moving from an all-volunteer organization to a staffed organization, one of the few staffed national women of color organizations in this country. Join in our efforts and become a part of a growing AAPI women’s movement!

NAPAWF has hundreds of members across the country organized in 15 Chapters. We often receive requests to start chapters. We also have individual members, if you do not reside near a chapter.

NAPAWF is a bridge. We bridge the many issues that confront AAPI women and their communities. We bridge the diversity of the 40-plus language groups that are represented under the Asian and Pacific Islander census category. We bridge the many places where our communities reside. We bridge the many waves of immigration of the AAPI community: mothers to daughters and first generation to 4th generation immigrants. We bridge strategies of individual empowerment with a larger vision of mobilizing power for justice, equality and peace.